How To Create A Custom Background For Twitter

First impressions are very important, even when it comes to twitter.Your background on twitter represents  you and who you are. Whenever you visit someones twitter page it shows you personality of that person. Sometimes your background might even get you new followers. Because of this i  strongly suggest  you should have a personal background on twitter, that will represent you or your company.

Here are some great examples.

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Now that you have gotten an idea, lets get into it. This how you actually change the background.

1. Once logged in click settings.

2. Now click design and change background image.

3. Browse your computer and upload your image.

4. Your image should be at least 1600px wide x 1200px tall. You might ask why? Because this will fit on most screen resolutions, not everybody has the same monitor keep that in mind.

5. If you would like to post most of your information on the popular left side make sure its only 200px wide from the left side. If you make it larger the middle page will cover the design.

6.  If you would like a twitter template here is a great one:

7. Make sure the image is less that 800k in size, other wise they wont let you upload it.

Here is what i came up with. This image is 1280 x 1024 and is around 746k large.

Well i hope this will help anybody who is is trying to make their own background. If you have any comments or something to add please comment below.

11 Websites To Create Contact Forms

Whenever you run a website you most likely will have a contact page. Don’t be so boring by just having your email address and saying “Send me an email to this address”. Instead have a contact form. That way people will simply email you their message directly from your website. It will be fast, easy, and simple. Below i have listed some useful services that will help you create a custom form. From there you can copy the given code and paste it into your page.

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1. Wufoo

2. Formstack

3. Icebrrg

4. Visitorcontact

5. Formsite

6. Google Docs

7. PHPform

8. Kontactr

9. Jotform

10. Frevvo

11. Formlogix