40 Ravishing Scenery iPad Wallpapers

The iPad is finally here, so far Apple has sold over 500,000 iPads. I would like to help out the iPad owners, by providing beautiful scenery wallpapers. Here is a massive collection of beautiful wallpapers, to brighten up your iPad.

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40 Brilliant Examples of Mascot Designs

Mascot design is a huge key to your brand, and are thought to bring luck. A mascot usually represent a corporate brand or a public identity. Since human picture memory is better that text, a mascot easily helps people remember who you are. I strongly suggest considering a mascot, before you build your business. To get you inspired we have found some wonderful examples below. Please let us know if you know of any others, so we can add them to this list.

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1. Silverback

2. Freelanceswitch

3. Yoast

4. Digimurai

5. Souldeepdesigns

6. Naldzgraphics

7. Squidchef

8. Mediocore

9. Upthemes

10. Mail Chimp

11. Squaredeye

12. Voodoocontrollers

13. Thundergameworks

14. Webkingdesign

15. Statsenvy

16. Abitofcode

17. Thumbarcade

18. Quickfingers

19. Hawk Host

20. Vectips

21. Psdchimp

22. Appetjap

23. Stoneskipper

24. Communicatorworld

25. Tylercruz

26. Cowurl

27. Mixturtle

28. Stickybits

29. Zendesk

30. Yodit

31. Couponninja

32. Rapidxhtml

33. Fishingcactus

34. Ok.cogaoke

35. Srburns

36. Zebrakick

37. Smynx

38. Iconfinder

39. Appboy

40. Clelandillustration