60 Temptingly Designed Alcoholic Beverages

If you ever find yourself lost designing an alcoholic beverage, this post is for your inspiration. The bottle design says alot about the beverage. It shows you how its viewed by the company’s itself, and how they want others to see it. The designs in this showcase are very elegant and professional. Please note that all the designs very hand-picked based on high quality and collected from lovelypackage. Now its your turn to make the consumers thirst lust over the beauty of the beverage. Please comment below and tell us what you think.

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55 Captivating Examples of Illustration Art

Some people say that, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This  is so true and we want to show you why. We have gathered some awesome art illustrations, that will totally inspire you. This collection contains many different art works, that are all beautiful. Please let us know what you think, by commenting below.

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60 Inspiring Footer Designs

A footer is usually used to display the copyright information, and other links contributing to the website. In my opinion that sounds pretty boring. Why not spice things up a little and make an awesome footer design. With footers the possibilities are endless. You can place Twitter updates, popular post, Last.fm songs, Flickr, outgoing links, friends, and anything else you want. Make your footer exiting and different, something that will make people look twice. To get a few ideas flowing in your head, check out our collection below. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

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1. Meca-graphics

2. LivingDesign

3. Gbit

4. Elite Webmaster

5. Withinmedia

6. Isotopon

7. Snailbird

8. Mooti

9. National Mechanics

10. Onotate

11. Kiehls

12. Dishizzle

13. Aston agency

14. Bushtheatre

15. Drupalcon

16. Webdesignerwall

17. Youcastr

18. Komodomedia

19. Hutchhouse

20. 43folders

21. Davidhellmann

22. Carsonified

23. Joyent

24. Sr28

25. Viget

26. Deanoakley

27. Jeannieweb

28. Yodaa

29. Wisnetsol

30. Wp-mojo

31. Amtstudios

32. Jjying

33. Energycell

34. Kidd81

35. Soultank

36. Arbel-designs

37. Marchanddetrucs

38. Amuki

39. Branded07

40. Ormanclark

41. Apollocreedtravels

42. Groovywebdesign

43. Lendlallenvtrazo

44. Bloghelpr

45. Vimeo

46. Volll

47. Boagworld

48. Spoongraphics

49. Edgepointchurch

50. Ectomachine

51. Freshcoloring

52. Freelenz

53. I primi dieci

54. YoDiv

55. Fatburgr

56. Sihirliblog


58. Thegreatbeardedreef

59. Strawpollnow

60. Tapbots

60 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography

Creativity is in the air and you’re about to catch it. As you might know inspiration sometimes comes from almost anything. We have a great roundup of hand-picked creative photography that are sure to inspire you. Some of the photos are obviously photoshopped, but they still look real. We would love to know what you think, so please comment below.
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51 Exciting Email Newsletter Designs

Newsletters are very important to your brand or business. A newsletter informs your reader about whats going on. It is extremely important to have an appealing design, on top of that you should have news that will interest the customer. As you might know newsletters are a great marketing strategy to keep your subscribers coming back. Use this to your advantage, and create lustful email newsletters that the users cant resist. If you’re planning to design a newsletter soon, good thing you came. We have rounded up some impressive email newsletter designs. Enjoy!

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1. 45royale

2. Segue Cellars

3. Plus+

4. Smokin Apps

5. Eric Miller Design

6. East London Design Show

7. Monsterpreneur

8. Kasian

9. Venture Visuals

10. Lonely Planet

11. Think!


13. Avant Card

14. In the mix

15. Frost Design

16. Nation toys  & tees

17. Capre Diem PR

18. Fresh Books

19. Kibbn

20. Enjoy Ticino

21. Percept

22. Pixelmator

23. Glasshouse

24. 37 Signals Backpack

25. Juxt

26. Pleb

27.  Magnitude

28. Atomic Interactive

29. Servings

30. eDivvy

31. Starbucks

32. Boden

33. Harrods

34. Splinter Cell

35. Bioshock

36. Xero

37. Nike

38. Old Navy

39. Action Method

40. Whiskey Militia

41. Toddle

42. Saturized

43. Envato

44. Virb

45. Authentic Jobs

46. Flippa

47. Nook

48. Apple

49. Remix

50. Threadless

51. Typetec

100 Refreshing Black & White Business Cards

This is a massive collection of amazing black and white bnusiness cards. These examples prove that the most basic colors can create amazing pieces of artwork. Most of these are white and black, but accasionally you will see a third color. If you are thinking of designing a black based business card then this article is the jackpot. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

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40 Great Examples of Facebook Fan Page Designs

Facebook is the second most visited site in the world. Just from that sentence alone you should be hopping on and creating a Fanpage for your business. But before you do that, you need to get some good old inspiration. Now whatever your business is, Facebook Fanpages are not all the same. Unlike Twitter, Facebook has more usable features than just status updates. You should explore these features and plan out how you will intergrade them with your design. Below we have listed a variety of different examples. Keep in mind the Fanpages below are specific for their business, so you can’t just copy them and think they will work for your business. Once you set up your Fanpage you can advertise it, you can also have giveaways like:

1,000 fans = prize.

5,000 fans = bigger prize.

10,000 fans = Massive prize.

Just a thought.

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1. Schedulicity

2. JeffDunham

3. Slightlystoopid

4. Victoriassecret

5. Livescribe

6. Realisingdesigns

7. Dcgraphics

8. Cranium

9. LancomeGermany

10. Coca Cola

11. Threadless

12. Starbucks

13. LakeNonaPools

14. PixInkDesign

15. Burtsbees

16. KaplanSAT

17. Coach

18. Rius

19. Vitaminwater

20. Lennykravitz

21. Boardbungee

22. Thechildrensplace

23. CadillacRanchTempe

24. On-Your-Own-Adventures

25. Honda

26. Dell

27. NFL

28.  Vizio

29. Adobe

30. Muse

31. Lacoste

32. Jonessoda

33. 7scouts

34. DunkinDonuts

35. Skittles

36. Cheetos

37. Redbull

38. RevisionEyewear

39. WONKAR-Candy

40. Atlantis

Top 8 Websites for Business Card Inspiration

Before you design business cards, you need to do some planning before you start. The first thing you should be doing is getting ideas for the design, and sketching. This post comes in handy if you are just starting out. The resources below should help you get some ideas flowing in your head. Keep in mind not to just copy the design. Once inspired be innovative and create something new.

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1. Creattica

2. Itevenhasawatermark

3. Cardobserver

4. Cardnerd

5. Cardonizer

6. Businesscardace

7. Deviantart

8. Flickr (just search “business cards”)

40 Brilliant Examples of Mascot Designs

Mascot design is a huge key to your brand, and are thought to bring luck. A mascot usually represent a corporate brand or a public identity. Since human picture memory is better that text, a mascot easily helps people remember who you are. I strongly suggest considering a mascot, before you build your business. To get you inspired we have found some wonderful examples below. Please let us know if you know of any others, so we can add them to this list.

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1. Silverback

2. Freelanceswitch

3. Yoast

4. Digimurai

5. Souldeepdesigns

6. Naldzgraphics

7. Squidchef

8. Mediocore

9. Upthemes

10. Mail Chimp

11. Squaredeye

12. Voodoocontrollers

13. Thundergameworks

14. Webkingdesign

15. Statsenvy

16. Abitofcode

17. Thumbarcade

18. Quickfingers

19. Hawk Host

20. Vectips

21. Psdchimp

22. Appetjap

23. Stoneskipper

24. Communicatorworld

25. Tylercruz

26. Cowurl

27. Mixturtle

28. Stickybits

29. Zendesk

30. Yodit

31. Couponninja

32. Rapidxhtml

33. Fishingcactus

34. Ok.cogaoke

35. Srburns

36. Zebrakick

37. Smynx

38. Iconfinder

39. Appboy

40. Clelandillustration

40 Inspirational Hand Drawn Web Designs.

Hand-drawn website are becoming more and more popular among wed designers. This trend is very inspiring and shows creativity. I think this is really cool, because its different from the regular types of design, like the web 2.0 style. We collected some awesome hand-drawn websites, that are sure to inspire you. Please let us know what you think about this trend by commenting below.

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1. Adamamaral

2. Vinamation

3. Project365

4. Thrudigital

5. Buymeasoda

6. Studionashvegas

7. Galandesign

8. Hugsformonsters

9. Shawnjohnston

10. Njwebdesign

11. Espiratecnologias

12. Camellie

13. Websmarty

14. Sawyerhollenshead

15. Blueprintds

16. Legworkstudio

17. Redvelvetart

18. Sketch.odopod

19. Suiepaparude

20. Sushiandrobots

21. Techadventuredc

22. Great-Design

23. Bootb

24. Kittyattackblog

25. Jrvelasco

26. Obox-design

27. Sarahhyland

28. Themattinator

29. Lowmorale

30. Dawghousedesignstudio

31. Jessewillmon

32. Elan Snowboards

33. Oink

34. Biola

35. Bearskinrug

36. Pixelmind

37. Deborahcavenaugh

38. Kevadamson

39.  Tnvacation

40. Basmatitree