Inspirationfeed Turns Two Months Old

Inspirationfeed has been growing strongly. We want to enhance the user experience and make using out website easy. We plan to continue providing useful, and helpful information.

We know its kinda weird to say, but we feel that blogs should be like software. They have updates on the regular, and new features are added frequently to enhance the user experience. Today we want to share some new changes concerning inspirationfeed. We would like to thank all of our loyal readers. Thank you!

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New features!

  • New header – the old one was too plain, and boring in my opinion. We had to spice thing up a bit, and provide candy for your eyes!

  • Guest Writing – the past month Inspirationfeed has received 65,000+ views. This means more exposure for writers, and in return more articles for the community.

  • Easy Navigation – we used to have a link to the info pages in the footer. We felt that it was hard to find, and once you found it you didn’t know which icon led where.Β To fix this we placed the page and social media navigation on the right hand side.

  • Easy Advertisement – to advertise on a blog you have to contact the owner, email back and forth figuring things out, and after all of that you have to worry about the payment. Although we still do manual advertising you can now advertise on Inspirationfeed easier, with adtaily.


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