10 Great Services For Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very important. Whether they have an idea, or somethings wrong its always a good thing to know what your readers think and how they feel. Below i have listed the most popular feedback services on the web. All of them offer great cons and features. They are different, but have the same thought in mind which is feedback. Look around and find the one that covers your needs. Some are priced and not free. Although that is a downside, you have to keep in mind you get what your paying for. Please comment if you know any others, thanks!

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1. Get Satisfaction

2. User Voice

3. Kampyle

4. Crowd Sound

5. Suggestion Box

6. Help Spot

7. H2Desk

8. Bugs Voice

9. Snap A Bug

10. Zendesk


4 thoughts on “10 Great Services For Customer Feedback

  1. These are all helpful services.

    But if you need to capture feedback from many channels, or many surveys simultaneously, and need easy-to-use reporting and analytics to extract value from the data, I’d suggest to look at solutions like http://allegiance.com


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  4. […] Comentarios de los clientes es muy importante. Si tienen una idea, o algunas cosas mal que siempre es bueno saber lo que piensan sus lectores y cómo se sienten. A continuación he enumerado los servicios más populares de votos en la web. Todas ellas ofrecen grandes desventajas y características. Son diferentes, pero tienen la misma Más URL del artículo original http://inspirationfeed.com/design/2010/04/10-great-services-for-customer-feedback-2/ […]

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